1. Running (away from what though CJ?)

    A while ago I blogged about The One and Only Bootcamp in Murcia, Spain after I spent 3 days out there for a fitness tune up. I think it may be time for another visit.

    As you may know, I’m a long distance runner and although I don’t necessarily enjoy it, I have some athletic talent and above all, my all consuming body image vanity keeps me going.

    I’ve run 5 full and countless half marathons but on 4th November I’ll be undertaking my biggest challenge yet. Charity work is, after my husband, the single most important thing in my life and this has led me to run from Brighton to London in aid of MAD Trust.

    This non stop run of between 55 and 65 miles (depending on route) which is 2.1-2.5 marathons in one go. 


    Nevertheless, this is a very important charity to me and if I’m fortunate enough to be in a position to help, I personally believe the onus is on me to do so.

    With this daunting day approaching, I think another visit to Murcia might be in order. In my short visit there before, I lost 2cm off my waist and 1% of body fat. I’ll remind you - that was in 3 days! I did find it very difficult eating healthily though - my compensation for eating absolute rubbish at home is that I do an awful lot of exercise.

    However, at Bootcamp, I actually enjoyed going for a 4 mile run at 7am before a bowl of muesli (although I did so miss my coffee!) and the water polo was so enjoyable, it’s worth going back just to play that again. The next session is being planned for September so I hope I can be there as it’ll be fantastic preparation for my little jog a few weeks after.

    Of course I enjoy being fit but I enjoy being slim more. I can’t deny that my vanity is the major reason for my (overly?) obsessive exercise routine and I’ve never had such good results so quickly as I did in Murcia. Sun, sea, sand and slimming - what more could I want?